Evening Pupils’ Recital

True to form this was a popular event both in audience attendance and in the significant number of performers on show. Numbers aren’t everything mind you; what matters is quality and, to a certain extent, variety and, in both those respects, this was a fine evening of music making. Some performers we hadn’t heard in recital form as yet in their Marlborough College musical careers: Music Scholars Henry Alexander (BH Re – trumpet) and Amelia Stewart (MM Re – clarinet) gave a good account of themselves on debut, there was a ‘swarm’ of entertaining percussionists, an unaccompanied vocal trio and a most persuasive soprano solo by Sasha Mather (EL L6) to round off the newcomers.

In addition, the more regular performers included Joe Arkwright (SU Re), who started proceedings, Alice Hook’s (MM Re) dark and huey saxophone solo, a brave performance of the first movement of the Brahms E minor Cello Sonata from Benjamin Christopher (TU Hu) and stunning performances from Alexander Frosell (CO L6 – piano), Eleanor Bonney (MO Hu – violin) and Savannah Brown (MO Hu – saxophone). The upper school Music Scholars completed a memorable evening with Sophie Payne (MO L6 – trumpet) in virtuosic form, Beth Jackman (PR U6) producing a spirited and cultured piece of Bach, Ellen Arkwright’s (MM U6) exquisite rendition of Poulenc’s song ‘C’ and to finish Henry Williams’ (CO L6) dazzling and dancing his way through Schubert’s evergreen ‘Arpeggione’ Sonata. All very special, bravo!

Mr P T Dukes
Artistic Director

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