Lord Rosser Lecture

On Thursday 1st December, the Labour Peer Lord Rosser gave a talk in the Garnett room concerning the inner workings of the House of Lords. The talk was well attended and well received. It outlined the role of the House of Lords and how important and different it is, to the Commons. If the Lords were elected, Lord Rosser argued, they would demand greater powers in order to support those who voted for them and the issue of Sovereignty would potentially create conflict. The great thing about the Lords as it stands is that it can still have a meaningful impact on the legislative process but ultimately defer to the Commons. Lord Rosser made sure to keep party politics out of his presentation and when asked a question concerning his view on the government’s economic policy, he replied that he “was here representing the Speaker of the House of Lords”, and that he wanted to keep party politics out of his talk. As many politicians feel it is their duty to be adversarial it was refreshing to have a speaker who was more concerned in raising awareness about the political process than taking on a largely Conservative audience!

Rupert Venn (C3 U6)

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