Wind Department Concert

One is aware that the Christmas holidays are finally upon us on the annual occasion of the Woodwind Departmental extravaganza on the final Monday of the Michaelmas Term.  Masterminded by the evergreen Head of Woodwind and Brass Mr Alex Arkwright, it’s an event packed with variety, considerable pupil participation and some fun to boot.  This year’s concert didn’t disappoint;  we were treated to some engaging opening numbers from the Big Band, our piping corps directed by Bernie Aitken including a superb solo rendition of The Skye Boat Song by Jamie Scott and a new and fast developing department of saxophones which, through the significant numbers  of their ensemble, gave a very persuasive performance indeed under the directorship of Hayley Lambert.  The saxophone quartet provided a more intimate and alternative saxophone sound and Sophie Lawson Turnbull gave a delightful solo performance with Head of Percussion Sacha Johnson alongside.  The final part of the concert was given over to Brasser for a performance of Guy Woolfenden’s SPQR, a three movement work which is full of melodic colour and fascinating orchestration.  Guy Woolfenden OBE is a composer of considerable repute and it was a privilege and indeed an inspiration to have him as a member of the audience for this performance.  The concert concluded with a rousing performance of Highland Cathedral when the massed ranks of bagpipes joined forces with Brasser, heralding the final hours of a long but highly successful Michaelmas term.


Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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