Prize Day: U6 Olympics

The U6 Olympics was an event we will all remember. Our last Friday had been a fancy dress success, with Rong Liew’s painted upper torso being the star of the show. Norwood as expected served us an incredible lunch that was the pinnacle of our Marlborough culinary experience, and the Macarana in Court came close but was perhaps a bridge to far for our organisational skills. Then came time for the main event, or rather a series of events…the Olympics! At 4:30pm all the houses emerged onto the Athletics tracks in various stages of undress with warpaint galore. The afternoon literally went off to a flying start with the Head of House surfing competition, and then everyone ran off to their various stands and the gladiatorial inflatable games began. For me the day really kicked off with the human football… The sponge throw was a good and controlled chance to settle any disputes that had been brewing for the last five years, as was the sumo wrestling. The gladiator fight was hilarious with Willet Haxby vs Mr Finlay being a real Clash of the Titans. The day came full circle with the Housemasters on the surf board, and the highlight of the whole afternoon had to be the Master showing off his Bondi Beach skills. We ended the afternoon with a barbeque kindly put on by the Norwood staff, for which we had worked up quite an appetite after all the jumping on trampolines and running whilst attached to giant rubber bands.

Overall it was a great day and a huge success; the perfect way to end our time at Marlborough together. A huge amount of work had clearly been put into organising it and making it as special as it was, and it definitely all paid off.

Jack MacTaggart (LI U6)

To see a gallery of images from the Upper Sixth Olympics follow this link.

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