Protecting coral reefs & enriching local communities

Biology and Geography Society talk by Tristan Brown, Head of Operations, Coral Cay Conservation

Nearly 50 pupils listened to Tristan Brown talking about the value and the threats to coral reefs around the world. Reefs support over 25% of all marine species; less than 20% of these species have so far been described by science.

It takes 250 years to build a square kilometre of reef. Nearly 500 million people depend on coral reefs for food or income. Coral Cay Conservation work with local communities to set up Marine Protection Areas which are eventually left entirely in local hands. There are current or planned projects for the Philippines, Cambodia and Montserrat. Sixth formers and students are invited to mix diving with marine biology on 4 week assignments in destinations such as these.

The Montserrat project is an exciting partnership with the RSPB in post eruption land and marine locations. 10 pupils enjoyed an excellent supper with Tristan and the group included future marine biologists down to Hundred level. It was an inspiring and colourful evening.

Head of Geography

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