Scrapheap Challenge

The winners from left to right Ollie Phelps (LI), John Walsh (LI), Archie MacColl (CO), Joe Sykes (CO), Hector Hewitt (LI), Jake Rowan Hamilton (LI), Rohan Bigham (CO).

The second Scrapheap Challenge, for the Shell, took place this December in the Memorial Hall. Working in House teams pupils were expected to solve two challenges: Zip wire challenge – to design and build a carriage that can carry a Ping-Pong ball from the top of a zip line and upon hitting the stop release the ball into a bucket from a height of 2m. On target challenge – modify a paper cup so it can travel down the zip wire and drop a marble onto a target.

These proved to be difficult problems to solve but pupils worked with great intensity in order to win the competition and chocolate coins were freely given out those teams who did well.

A play-off was necessary to decide a winner, with teams from Littlefield and Cotton competing. Despite the best of three rounds it was still impossible to separate the teams, so prizes were awarded to both. It is a mark of the excellence in design thinking and manufacture that this degree of consistency was achieved.

Scrapheap Challenge slideshow

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