Art Scholars’ Exhibition

The 2013 Art Scholars’ Exhibition featured a diverse selection of artworks taken from individual class portfolios and also from themed projects set during the weekly Scholar sessions throughout the Michaelmas term.

Working in collaboration with the Artist-in-Residence, the initial Art Scholar sessions focused on combining relief printmaking within sculpture to create artworks that explored 2D and 3D form. Each Scholar created a linoleum design which was repeatedly printed onto cardboard. Using opaque and transparent printing inks they experimented with layering colour and design to produce an accumulated body of printed material. Working collaboratively in small groups the scholars also produced a 3D artwork, several of which were presented in the exhibition.

The ‘Artist Book’ was the second theme for the Michaelmas Term. Scholars were encouraged to investigate a range of examples made by contemporary artists and to consider the wider notions of the Narrative and Series within their making. The selection of resolved artworks presented within the exhibition demonstrated how some scholars choose to incorporate ideas from their class portfolios into this project, whilst others continued working collaboratively to produce a unique work based on the book format.

Ian Wilkins
Artist-In-Residence 2012-2013

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