Pupils’ Photographic Competition

Ben Depla

Alistair Macleod

Christian Herriger

2013 Photography Competition

This year’s Photography Competition saw what the judging panel deemed to be the highest calibre of entries to date. The theme,‘Lost in Detail’, inspired a wide variety of photographs from every year group, totalling just under 250 individual shots. The relocation of the exhibition to the Heywood Block was extremely well received by both students and staff alike.

Of course, congratulations go to Ben Depla (CO L6) who took the winning photograph. The image contained a fabulous tonal range and was an incredibly well composed, detailed shot, which led to a unanimous winning vote by the judging panel. Special mention also goes to our runners-up Alistair Macleod (SU L6) and Christian Herriger (BH L6), for their outstanding entries. Thanks must go to Mr Allen, Mr Stokes and Elé Van Schoor for their guidance and support.

This is, and always will be, a pupil run competition, so the dedication and organisiational skills of Ed Biggs (C2 L6), Daniel Dreyfus (LI U6) and Charlie Heyes (CO U6) should also be highly commended. Many thanks also to Pete Davies of Marlborough Photo Services for his continuing support of this annual event.

The exhibition continues until the end of term.

Charlie Heyes (CO U6)

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