NSPCC Number Day

On Tuesday 3rd December Lower School took part in the NSPCC Number Day, a national schools’ fundraising event for children of all ages. 

The aim of the day was to raise awareness about the work of the NSPCC, raise money to protect children who need help from the NSPCC and to encourage a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards maths. During the first three periods of the day pupils took part in a team maths competition.

Each team had to utilise all members to tackle problems such as a cross number, relay maths and logic problems. In the Hundred Morris and Cotton tied, with Mill Mead winning the Remove and Morris winning the Shell competition. The pupils also entered a bid in a charity auction for mathematical puzzles, with the two lowest unique bids in each year group winning a prize.

The winners of the auctions were:

Hector Sainsbury (CO Hu), Frederick Vint (BH Hu), Georgia Gibson (EL Re), William Davies (C3 Re), Arlie Mahony (C1 Sh) and Harry Bunn (SU Sh). During the competition there was a good buzz and lots of creative maths as teams battled for first place.

Throughout this week the charity think tank has also been running a guess the number of sweets in a box competition. The box was filled with sweets of different sizes and pupils could guess a number between 500 and 2,100.

Lots of tactics and calculation methods were discussed, including one pupil who wanted to buy all of the numbers!

In the end Charlie Mates (CO Hu) came closest with a guess of 1,412.

Overall we raised close to £600 for the NSPCC.


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