Review: Michaelmas Illumination 2013

Entertainment came in the form of comedy sketches, magic, acrobatics and music – displaying just how diverse and talented Marlburians can be. 

Furthermore, the organization and presentation of the event was done with absolute precision and wonderfully wacky humour.

The night commenced with an introductory rap given by our resident Bermudan, Walker Zupp (B1 U6), and the room was soon filled with the thundering sounds of stomping and clapping as we laid down the beat for his bold performance.

This was followed by a re-enactment of a Rowan Atkinson sketch by Chris Wilmot and Toby Finley. Toby, who played the role of the Headmaster of a private school, announced to Chris that he had killed his son whilst administering a beating for disobeying school rules on taking a library book. The humour of the sketch derived from the Headmaster’s lack of disturbance regarding the boy’s death, being more anxious about the pupil’s poor attitude. The sketch was delivered with flawless acting, and left the crowd weeping with laughter. I think we can expect bright futures in the theatrical world for these two.

Another sketch later on in the show produced the same appreciation when Clemmie Haxby (EL U6), Jack Gething (C3 U6), Charlie Perry (B1 U6) and Tom Rivett-Carnac (PR U6) acted out a mock interview for prospective prefects.  Jack filled the role of the boorish and rebellious Marlburian whilst Tom, in contrast, acted as the judgemental Marlburian, who spent the sketch patronising and looking down upon Jack’s character. Charlie was the neutral figure, sitting between the conflicting personalities. Once again the quality of acting was truly excellent and deserved the ecstatic applause that was given to them.

The night also consisted of breath-taking musical performances. The romantic number; ‘My Funny Valentine’ was raunchily dispatched by Bella Imi (EL Hu) and Chris Wilmot (B1 U6). The chemistry between the two on stage was exuberant and made the song convincing and alluring. We were also delighted with remakes of Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’, ‘Teacher’s Pet’ taken from The School of Rock film and an impressive Ben Howard cover by Sam Wildsmith (C2 U6).

The highlight of the evening for me was Jack Forbes’ (L6 Tu) wondrous video on magic. Every trick was astonishing and left us gasping and bewildered. There is no other explanation for this hobby than to label it wizardry.

All in all, the night was an unmitigated success and all credit goes to those who organised and performed.

Alexander Heneage (C1 U6)

Click here to view a slideshow from the evening…

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