Art Scholars’ Show

Art Scholars meet every Thursday and working alongside the Artist-in-Residence, Claire Bayliss, they focus on developing new skills and alternative creative approaches to making art. 

The Art Scholars’ show in January 2014 at the Mount House Gallery presented an opportunity for students to exhibit the exciting and varied work produced since the start of the year.

Work from two projects were exhibited; the first project was chance operation drawings, inspired by the visual work of John Cage that used dice to make decisions about how we draw. The scholars were challenged to respond to a challenging still-life set up, recording their observations using unconventional processes under timed conditions.

The second project was to develop a sketchbook inspired by a visit to an exhibition at the Rabley drawing centre.  Scholars explored the notion that a sketchbook at its simplest level is a container for ideas, and the art scholars interpreted this in a way that was relevant to their interests. There were exciting and varied responses, and the scholars displayed their book in imaginative and thoughtful ways.

The exhibition also included a selection of ambitious work that the Art Scholars have produced as part of their coursework. Students took the opportunity to exhibit detailed drawings and large scale oil paintings.

Thank you to all those who came to the private view and supported the show.

Claire Bayliss

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