Review: Jazz Evening

There’s something rather special about the last night of any school term, so what better way to relax and celebrate than settling down to a convivial evening of jazz in the Marlburian.  

The evening, humorously presented by the ubiquitous AJA, was an informal event with audience and guests sitting at tables with others sprinkled around the edges.  The Big Band was the central piece and featured musicians from all ages and stages, spearheaded by the Music Scholars for whom this was a welcome break from the usual more formal concert forum.  The collective sound was terrific: precise, varied, rhythmically tight and featuring a full complement of solos along the way.  Special mention, perhaps, to Georgia Gibson (EL Re) and her quartet for a memorable contribution and congratulations to all for producing such a high quality event at the end of a demanding term.

Bravo all.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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