Review: Christmas Carol Services

It takes some strength to sing a carol service or two, but four in three days is just about the limit, so congratulations then to the Choir, PAJH and IGC et al for triumphing in this marathon performance weekend.

The Choir have come a long way under Mr Hodgkinson: the stalls are full, there’s a feel good factor in all they do and you can hear it in the sound which is vibrant, pure and radiant, and that’s a fine thing to behold.

The repertoire for the Christmas Carol Services 2014 was well chosen too. Well suited to the strengths of both the collective and the individual; it embraced seven centuries and it was refreshing and balanced containing some magical musical highlights, none more so perhaps than the Cantique de Noeland and Chilcott’s Shepherd’s Carol.

Four soloists gave the traditionfal west end ‘welcome’ in Once in RoyalHelen Money-Kyrle (MO U6), Phoebe Bath (MM U6), Rosie Richards (EL U6) and Salome Northridge (IH Re), all of whom should receive particular praise for holding their nerve and setting the tone so beautifully.

A long and tough term for the Choir, but you can’t ask for more.  Bravo.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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