Art Scholars’ Exhibition 2015

The Art Scholars’ show provided an excellent opportunity for each young artist to present their work. 

As a group we spent an afternoon talking about the curation of the exhibition; where to place which piece, for maximum impact and meaning. I think projects like this involving students collaboratively selecting and displaying their work in a gallery are very important, particularly as how art is exhibited can change it entirely.

We dedicated a section of the space to commemorating World War 1. For this we recreated photographs taken in 1914, in oil paint, focusing on gestural marks to evoke a mood. Several other painting experiments, created in response to my own work, explored abstract colour compositions. These had been completed on small A5 boards and were installed in a sequence across a wall. Most of the show demonstrated examples of the scholars’ best work; ranging from detailed sketchbooks, to prints and large scale paintings.

It was amazing to see the variety of work being produced and I hope through exhibiting in such a manner, they have inspired each other and the rest of the school.

Grace Thompson
Artist in Residence

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