British Physics Olympiad

40 pupils from the top two Hundred Physics sets entered the British Physics Olympiad 2015 Physics Challenge. 

The is a hard one-hour paper, at GCSE level, designed to sort out top candidates with a real understanding of the concepts involved and perhaps give an idea of future BPhO candidates.

Our pupils gained 13 medals – seven for the girls and six for the boys.

Silver: Sarah Mattinson (MM Hu), Ben Borrowdale (C1 Hu), Sophia Hamilton-Russell (MM Hu)

Bronze 1: Will Catton (C2 Hu), Charlotte Mackie (MO Hu), Philip Springford (C3 Hu), Miles Brandi (C3 Hu), Rachel Bester (EL Hu), Lucy Wilson (NC Hu)

Bronze 2: Bea Pecover (NC Hu), Joshua Short (B1 Hu), Hannah Biddle (MM Hu), Harry MacColl (LI Hu)

Charles Barclay
Director Extended Project

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