Review: Marlborough College Concert Series

Dame Felicity Lott (Picture: Trevor Leighton)

Marlborough College Concert Series – 20 September 2015

Dame Felicity Lott (soprano) with Graham Johnson (piano)

There can be few more revered or accomplished musicians alive today than the magnificent soprano Dame Felicity Lott:  a world class singer indeed.  

A perfect way, then, to kick off the 2015/16 season and clearly appreciated by the regular Memorial Hall MCCS audience.  Dame Felicity chose a truly varied programme, embracing a fabulous array of styles and colour – all beautifully crafted, shaped and delivered – particularly, perhaps, the Poulenc and Wolf in the first half.  Graham Johnson was the outstanding accompanist as he expertly guided, supported and articulated each song to perfection.  Having heard the ‘new’ Steinway in a number of solo concerts of late, it was particularly gratifying to hear it in a more delicate role – demonstrating its versatility and sublime range of tonal nuance.

Perhaps the overriding impression that we were left with, however, was the totally effortless (and near faultless) delivery of the whole recital whatever the language or mood.  The second half was particularly entertaining as we were joined in the auditorium by an errant bat – expertly dodged by Felicity on more than one occasion!  Altogether a memorable evening ….

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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