OM Art Exhibition

Drawing is an activity most of us where doing before we could speak and write so it is no surprise that this seemingly basic way of communicating is celebrated. 

The current exhibition at the Mount House shows the work of five Old Marlburians who have studied to MA level in Fine Art. Each one has taken a different journey and developed a very particular and distinctive practice yet they have identified the common discipline of drawing as a way to meet again at the art department where they all studied at A-level.

The large brush and ink drawings of Tyga Helme (MM 2003-08) are reminiscent of Chinese painting. The picture surface appears littered with marks but this is something of an illusion, each brush stroke is a short dab allowing white space to shine through in a wonderful fresh glow.

Emilie Pugh (PR 2004-06) is using light itself as her drawing medium, this is shown most directly in ‘Psukhe’ a work using printed perspex sheets illuminated in a light box, her other work although not back lit shows a similar luminosity and has the mystery of images showing nebula and distant galaxies.

Rose Arbuthnott (PR 2004-06) works with serious subject matter and cleverly walks a tightrope between the crass and the comic. A panda strolls across the picture frame offering it’s back for prime advertising space while the world around it appears to be falling apart.

The etchings of Freya Wood (NC 2001-06) show a lyrical sensitivity of the local landscape, places that many of you will know and see afresh in these beguiling and sometimes tender scenes.

Zanny Mellor (MM 2000-05) seems acutely aware of her years of training and has purposely shed any artfulness with bold brave strokes of white gesso over deep black paper. Her work shows a sophistication that is nowhere near as primitive as described.

The show is on until Saturday 12th December and is really worth seeing, it proves that in our world of factions and dispute there is the common language of drawing that can bring us together.

Ray Ward
Coordinator of Visual Arts

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