Review: Art Scholars’ Exhibition

The Art Scholars’ show, this year titled ‘Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here’s The Art Scholars’, is always a valuable opportunity to view the work of some of our most talented artists. 

This year, the exhibition was curated by Artist in Residence, Archie Franks and Senior Art Scholar, Jemima Jones (NC U6). Although not always an easy collection to put together, the resulting selection of works are always exciting. Healthy conflicts of style and content provide a challenge when hanging, but thanks to Jemima’s organisational skills and Archie’s curatorial experience, this was cleverly negotiated. Considering the amount of work on show, the space felt open and the pieces were easy to see.

Within the Art Scholars’ yearly programme, the experimental nature of the creative activities often results in a number of incomplete, playful works which are included in the show. This has, once again, meant that the annual collection is rich, diverse and filled with students’ individuality. As occurs with professional artists, the ever-present deadline for submitting works for exhibition, becomes a commendable challenge for the students to meet.

GALLERY: Click here for a range of images

Alongside the display of coursework, the Sixth Form created a compelling number of paintings on canvas, which are based on their own ‘variations’ of personally selected works by renowned artists such as Caravaggio, Giorgione and Hokusai. The scholars learnt how to construct and stretch the canvases they then painted on. It is highly rewarding to see the students following on from such influential artists as Picasso, who himself, created 58 variations of Velasquez’s famous painting, Las Meninas.

The Shell and Remove Scholars were set the challenging task of designing and creating their own professionally printed book of digital photographs. These compelling collections were highly appreciated by the large number of visitors who attended the preview evening.

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