Review: Careers Speed Dating

A group of Old Marlburians were invited back to Marlborough on Tuesday 9th February to talk about their current careers and how they got there. 

As a year group who is currently having to figure out, at least for the near future, what we may want to do with our lives we were given the opportunity to speak to the OMs for inspiration, or perhaps to find hope that all is not lost if we have no idea quite yet.

After being split up into groups of about six or so we got a brief insight into what they do and how they got to these positions. After they gave us a summary we had time to ask any questions we had for them and were able to discuss in more depth the details of their Jobs day to day and the sorts of things, if any, that they did at our age to prepare themselves. We had five minutes with each person before the ring of the bell moved them on to the next group.

There were a variety of jobs represented, ranging from bankers and the owner of a construction company to a woman working in hospitality and a doctor. Getting to speak to such a range of people who had gone through the same experiences as us made them far more relatable as they were so young – their school years weren’t in a different era from ours. It also allowed us to see what could be coming and grasp any truth in the tales of dread that we so often hear now as we start to think about our futures. Even if the experience hasn’t given rise to dreams of advertising or technology, it was a valuable chance to get a glimpse of the choices we may have in the approaching years.

Celeste Spink (MO Hu)

With thanks to the following Old Marlburians:

Alex Guerin (CO 2002-07) – Insurance, Marsh
Alex Price (LI 2006-11) – Website Development/Digital Marketing, 93Digital
Nick Simmons (C1 2003-08) – Credit Risk, 4most Europe
Will Lough (C2 2000-05) – Investment Banking, River and Mercantile Asset Management LLP
James Gerard (SU 2004-09) – Property Development
Cass Horowitz (C3 2004-09) – Journalism, ITN
Chris Bovey (SU 2000-05) – Sports Marketing, Right Formula
Chris Bishop (PR 2000-05) – Stock Broking, Aviate Global
Henry Price (CO 2006-11) – Engineering, GE Aviation
Charlotte Gibson (EL 1998-2003) – Government Relations Adviser, Shell
Alix Young (MO 2001-03) – Hospitality, The Pear Tree Hotel
Tom Geddes (TU 2004-09) – Medicine
Jojo Furnival (LI 2002-04) – Marketing Communications, CALM
Tatiana Delany (MM 2000-05) – Ethics & Sustainable Development in global supply chains, Consultant

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