Review: Russia Trip

The biennial Russian trip in February 2016 to St Petersburg and Moscow was both fascinating and enlightening for the 21 Remove to U6 pupils who took part and a real eye opener as to what Russia is really like away from western press and propaganda.

We slept in a student hostel and on four mornings we attended Russian lessons in a local St Petersburg college. The highlight of these lessons was undoubtedly when the language of the English classroom came alive in Russia. After the lessons we ate a delicious lunch in the college: soup course to start, salad and then meat followed by a freshly baked dessert.

The afternoons included a variety of tours to museums and palaces in St Petersburg, most notably, the Zimny Dvorets, or Winter Palace. This is where Catherine The Great housed her newly purchased art collections from the West. A huge selection of paintings was on display here including Leonardo Da Vinci’s and some spectacular Rembrandts.

After five days in St Petersburg the group took the rather antiquated night train to the Moscow. This was an exhilarating experience as no one had ever been in a room so small with so many beds in.

In Moscow, the group became tourists and spent the day at first gorging on pancakes, and later in the famous Kremlin and Red Square where we even went ice-skating. Seeing the abandoned mausoleum of Lenin, for so long the spiritual HQ of Russia and its link to Communism gave the group a profound insight into how far Russia has developed. A truly great day topped off with a nice meal in “Buddha Bar”.

Despite miles of walking every day, the slight repetition of the cuisine and a bad night’s sleep on the train, everyone got on superbly and the atmosphere within the group was amazing fun to be a part of.

The trip was a complete success and many thanks to Mr Nelson-Piercy for organising it and Mrs Aylward for accompanying and working so hard.

Joash Nelson-Piercy (CO U6)

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