64th Beagling Season

The 64th season of Beagling at Marlborough ended with a Lawn Meet in Court which was attended by a large number of adults and our usual team of 25 pupils, including Captain of Beagling, Will Heard (LI U6) and whips, Laura Southern (IH U6) and Miles Brandi (C3 L6).

Among the followers was Brigadier Tom Sneyd (C1 1948-52) who was a pupil in the College when the pack was established in 1952.  In the afternoon, hounds followed trails laid around Temple Farm and then we were treated to a delicious tea by Countess Goess-Saurau.

On Saturday 12th March, 50 people enjoyed a marvellous Annual Dinner in Adderley and the Common Room Dining Room.  It was our pleasure to welcome back Nick Wykes (C1 1948-52) who was one of the co-founders of the pack, as well as fellow OMs, Richard Bateman (B2 1947-52) and Brigadier Sneyd.

Sean Dempster
Master in charge, Beagling

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