EPQ Joint Art Exhibition

Two Lower Sixth pupils, Ami Jackson (MM L6) and Xanthe Nathan (MO L6), have been displaying their recent creativity and imagination within the Mount House Gallery, as part of their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). 

This course allows pupils to undertake a personal research project through a variety of approaches, which includes performance and exhibition pieces.

The exhibition opening on Friday 26th February was a great social occasion which, importantly for their projects, provided plenty of feedback for both students to finish their EPQ. Ami and Xanthe have provided explanatory text and photos to accompany their fascinating artworks.

Ray Ward
Coordinator of Visual Arts

Relic – Ami Jackson

I have made a series of sculptures combining jelly with debris from Doldrum Bay, Ireland. The sculptures are a visual attempt at containing an aspect of my childhood, and my relationship with my father. The cabinet display pays homage to surrealist ‘cabinet of curiosities’, whilst the sculptures are also reflective of where I am with my life.

Past vs. Present – Xanthe Nathan

For my EPQ, I wanted to find out an answer to ‘What do people prefer in the world of art, art from the past, or art from the present?’ To do this I positioned two pieces of art next to each other, that show some correlation, but were created in two completely different art movements and time periods. Some pairs had the same theme, others were directly inspired by one another.

For my opening preview, I handed around surveys to the visitors who came, and asked them which piece, out of each pairing, they preferred. This gave me some insight into what the viewers liked better, the past or the present. I think the opening night went really well. Everyone seemed to enjoy doing the survey, as it meant they could personally contribute to the exhibition by sharing their personal opinion. I also think that my exhibition allowed people to judge the artwork fairly, as I did not label the works, in case knowing the artist changed their survey answers. Not only was it a fun night, it provided me with the basis for an answer to my extended project.

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