House Clay Pigeon Shooting

The Littlefield team, consisting of Jamie Quinn (LI U6), Ollie Phelps, Will Heard (LI U6) and Stuart Newton-Tyers (LI U6) captured the House Clay Pigeon Shooting title on Sunday 24th April, beating C3 by two points.  

The High Gun title was won by Jamie Quinn (LI U6) with a fine score of 23/25.

The girls’ competition was won by Elmhurst, made up up Mashie Agnew (EL L6), Rachel Bester (EL L6), Zinnia Satchell (EL L6) and Jemima Small (EL L6) and the top gun was Hannah Cameron (IH L6).

The event was hosted by Barbury Shooting School who managed it with customary warmth and efficiency.

Sean Dempster

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