Review: Super Sunday

Under glorious sunshine hundreds of members of the Marlborough College community converged on Court for the school’s very own ‘Super Sunday’ – a jamboree of music, stalls and family fun.

House rock groups went head-to-head in the ‘Battle of the Bands’, a chance for some of the school’s musicians to take to the stage and showcase their talent. There was also barbecued food on offer, dozens of stalls and even a chance for gleeful pupils to soak their unsuspecting beaks in the stocks. As well as a chance for members of the College to congregate, the annual event was an opportunity to raise hundreds of pounds for good causes including The Brain Tumour Charity.

Lower Sixth pupil and Merlin writer Issy Carr (EL L6) gives her take on the event:

While the cold April sunshine bathed the latter end of Super Sunday in a glorious golden lustre, I could not resist the temptation to step inside the main marquee and witness the potential being showcased in the Battle of the Bands. With everything from Bill Withers to Cyndi Lauper, the free-spirited souls that braved the stage did not fail to produce. 

C3 started off the afternoon with an unforgettable rendition of Gorillaz ‘Feel Good Inc.’ Dunhill and Spillmann’s onstage camaraderie resembled Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett to a tee, while their vocals comprised of rich tones and harmonies. Despite a minimalistic group, Barton Hill’s ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ produced a mystical eeriness with their raw interpretation which diminished the audience to a speechless silence of approval. 

I don’t think anyone could review Super Sunday without singling out Thomas Southgate’s soulful and husky vocals. Despite the occasional referral to his phone for lyrics, Southgate definitely had one of the best voices in the contest and Helena Hussey complimented this with her bright and colourful tones. Elmhurst transported us to the Nevada Desert of the Burning (WO) Man Festival, whilst Summerfield took us to silky sands with cocktails in hands with their ‘Pina Colada Song.’ 

Every house brought something unique to the stage. However, it was Preshute who took the trophy home, with their interpretation of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way.’ Kit Rendle, our very own Stevie Nicks, brought charm and charisma to the stage accompanied by his mellifluous female vocalists. 

A well-deserved win. 

With an abundance of early summer sunshine, hundreds of students took the liberty of walking across Court without Prefect badges. It was fantastic to have the whole school assembled together, nonchalantly putting the anxieties of a busy term ahead to bed for an afternoon.
The annual event was also an opportunity to raise a substantial amount of money for various different charities such as The Brain Tumour Charity, and there was significant coalescing between both students and teachers to make this happen. 
Inflatable jousting secured an audience that resembled Hispanics watching bull fighting in Mexico, whilst the aroma of oriental stir-fry and a plethora of homemade baking were a few of the touches that contributed to a glorious afternoon which left everybody smiling.

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