19th College ERGO competition

The 19th College ERGO competition was as busy as ever with some 90 pupils competing over the five hours available. 

The New Gym proved a splendid and inspiring venue and a corner was set aside for three machines. The location encouraged both competitors and supporters. This was a year of outstanding Girls’ scores. Though no records fell, Breagha Campbell (MM L6), injured last year, was just 4.5 seconds outside the 2012 2k record and Harriet Place (NC Re) just 35m short of the 1999 5min record. For the Boys the 1998 2k record was not threatened but Dominic Coulson (C1 Hu), who won the Lower School title last year, was only 20m short of the 2003 five-minute record.

13 Houses had competitors, but only five Houses had sufficient numbers in both Upper and Lower School to compete for the House trophy.

Upper School (2000m)
Boys: J. Short (B1 L6) 7 min 00.2 secs
Girls: B. Campbell (MM L6) 7 min 51.2 secs

Best U6 boy: S. Burdett (B1 U6)
Best U6 girl: G. Gormley (MM U6)

Lower School (5 mins)
Boys: D. Coulson (C1 Hu) 1474m
Girls: H. Place (NC Re) 1231m

Best Remove boy: H. Mackellar (C1 Re)
Best Shell girl: M. Aitchison (MM Sh)
There were no Hundred girls or Shell boys.

House Competition

The following Houses had competing pupils: B1, C1, C2, C3, CO, EL, IH, LI, MM, MO, NC , SU and TU but only B1, C1, C2, EL and MM had the six pupils required from both Upper and Lower School.

As usual, the average of the six best scores was taken with Upper School times being turned into five minute distances. Girls’ distances are weighted by expectation at this age.

1st         MM       1395m
2nd        C2        1347m
3rd         C1        1345m
4th         EL        1314m
5th         B1        1311m

Previous House winners C1 (15, 13,12,11,10,08,07,03,02), MM (01,00,99,98), C2 (06,05), B1 (14), C3 (09) MO (04).

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