Review: May Day Madrigals

It doesn’t come much better than this: a glorious Spring morning (at last), a fine selection of May ditties from the excellent Chamber Choir and an appreciative and large crowd, all gathered in Court to celebrate May Day weekend.

I’ve been fortunate enough to witness nine occasions such as this over the years but I don’t think I recall a better one. Once again, Choirmaster Alex Hodgkinson coaxed a hearty and lusty display from the vocalists (all the more impressive given the early hour) which concluded with a delightful spot of barbershop singing.

As is the norm, the performance was conducted from the Bradleian Arches, although this year the choir positioned themselves to the left in front of the wall, which unquestionably improved the projection and acoustics. One couldn’t help but to be swept up by the atmosphere… Altogether, a thoroughly delightful moment in time.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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