GCSE Excellence

Many congratulations to our pupils, mainly in the Hundred, on an excellent set of GCSE and IGCSE results.

As ever, there has been success right across the range, but special mention goes to:

•    Imogen Mitchell (NC), who secured A* grades in all 13 of her subjects;
•    James Eyles (LI)*, Jamie Hartley (CO), Anna Laakkonen (MO) and Isabella Lee (NC) who secured A* grades in all 12 of their subjects;
•    Ottilie Barnes (EL), Milo Brooks (B1), Luke Smith (CO), and Emily Symington (MM) who secured A* grades in all 11 of their subjects.

Over 15% of our candidates achieved 10 A* grades or more, and one third of the cohort gained at least 8 A* grades.

While a Marlburian education proudly continues to encompass so much more than just academic success, it is hugely pleasing to see our pupils perform so well in this important sphere. Well done to all of them on their talent, commitment and dedication in achieving these results, which provide firm foundations for future success.

Jaideep Barot
Deputy Head (Academic)

* Having obtained an A* in Music the year before joining Marlborough, James has achieved a total of 13 A* grades at GCSE.

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