Live Reptiles & Wildlife Photography

Mr Ayub Khan, a renowned photographer and wildlife expert came to speak to the Shell this afternoon bringing with him several of his pet reptiles. 

Ayub addressed the year group with stories about his travels and interest the Natural World, before introducing the students to a number of his lizards (including a Chinese Water Dragon) which live in a Tropical House that he has specially built in his home garden.

Pupils were given the opportunity to handle a number of these fine looking creatures, which were passed around the Mem Hall in what was a stimulating and interactive session. A number of pupils remained behind at the end of the talk to ask Ayub questions and to meet some of his other companions such as the Death’s-head Hawk-moth and the Red-eyed Frog.

All reptiles were returned safely much to the relief of HMs (!), and Ayub’s passion for nature and our ecosystem enthused all who were in attendance.

George Lane
Head of Shell

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