Review: Gerard Evenden

The History of Art Society at Marlborough College was honoured to be addressed by expert architect Gerard Evenden in a talk entitled “Designing Canary Wharf Underground Station.”

Mr Evenden, senior executive partner of Foster & Partners Architects, masterminded construction of the award-winning 300-metre Canary Wharf Underground Station, built within the hollow of the former West India Dock in East London. Canary Wharf at the time hadn’t developed as the global financial and business destination it is today. He and his design team had to imagine what its future needs would be and equip the station for an eventual flow of 2,300 passengers per hour at peak times.

Mr Evenden described to an attentive audience, including keen sixth form art historians, the detail and visual creativity of the station’s design. He spoke of how many of the station’s eye-catching features were incorporated into the design, such as innovative platform doors to help reduce the number of suicides, fire prevention features and how the station is built to stand up to terrorist attacks.

At the end of the talk attendees gave a warm round of applause and Mr Evenden stepped out into the autumn evening sunshine to his next design project. One can only wonder whether he is able to travel on London’s Underground without casting a critical eye over the design of other stations on the city’s tube network.

I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of everyone who attended the talk for giving pupils an insight into the world of architecture and for inspiring each individual present to strive in order to achieve something spectacular.

Amy Davey (SU U6)

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