Review: Tim Oakley

Mr Tim Oakley, father of Claire (LI 1999-01) and Sophie Oakley (LI 2001-03), gave a talk for Geographers in the Memorial Hall on Thursday 22nd September. 

The talk, for pupils in the Remove and Hundred, was on his Royal Geographical Society-sponsored 2016 heroic replication of Roald Amundsen’s epic 1905 winter dog sled journey from Herschel Island in Arctic Canada to Eagle in Alaska.

Only two expeditions had attempted this since Amundsen’s successful trip and both had failed.

Geographers were enthralled by Tim’s graphic narration of the difficult planning and logistics effort, hazards along his wilderness route, breath-taking landscape and abundant Arctic wildlife.

In closing his talk, Tim focused his audience’s attention on the impact of climate change on the indigenous Inuit people and their Arctic way of life, on coastal erosion and on the endangered coastal wildlife.

Steven Vaux

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