Review: Martha Holmes

On Thursday, the Natural History and Biology Society was treated to a superb lecture by Martha Holmes, series producer of the BBC’s ground-breaking wildlife documentary Life which took four years to make. 

Pupils were given a rare insight into the enormous challenges involved in producing ten hours of footage of the behaviour of animals from all corners of the Earth, some of it never filmed before.

Ms Holmes illustrated the talk with wonderful photographs and film clips from the series during which we were transported from the Antarctic to Africa and the Amazon rainforest.  She was at pains to describe the incredible patience and perseverance of the photographers, often working in extremely hostile conditions.  The latest camera technology was explained, as were all the post-filming processes of editing, addition of music and narration.

After four years, when the series was rolled out, it must have been hugely satisfying to have been at the helm of this incredible project.

Sean Dempster

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