Review: Professor Christopher Andrew

On Wednesday and Thursday the History Department was fortunate enough to be visited by Professor Christopher Andrew, the official Historian of MI5 and an eminent and remarkable scholar based at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge. 

He gave a splendid lecture in the Garnett Room on Wednesday evening, which was attended by nigh on 200 pupils as well as several members of the Marlborough town History Society. It was a sort of potted history of MI5 and its famous achievements, which emphasised the way in which the service has had to adapt to changing challenges. In particular we heard about the difference between the kinds of work required during the Cold War and in today’s world of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The talk had such entertaining and interesting subplots as the great interwar spy who liked to fly his plane under various London bridges, and the rise of women in the service.

Professor Andrew was also kind enough to teach two Hundred classes on Thursday morning, and to join select Lower Sixth for drinks, Upper Sixth for dinner, and Shell for Thursday’s lunch. Everyone enjoyed his visit immensely.

Christopher Moule
Head of History

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