Starfish Film Preview

On Friday 30th September, the film Starfish, written and directed by Bill Clark, who introduced this special preview for Marlborough College, was shown for pupils and members of the public in the Memorial Hall. 

Based on a true story, the film is about a family who undergo the terrible trauma of this devastating illness when they find out that that the father and husband (played by Tom Riley) of the family, has been unlucky enough to become a victim of Sepsis. This film was incredibly moving and at the same time helps to raise awareness for Sepsis. Sepsis is poisoning of the blood, and can often lead to vital organ failure. The story of Starfish, is one that is highly relevant to school children’s lives.

Possibly the most moving and distressing part of the film, is when the daughter does not recognise her father, due to the way Sepsis has made his face look. The film left all that were watching deeply shocked and certainly more aware of the fact that Sepsis is an invisible killer, until one symptom sets off the whole downwards spiral of potentially terrible, even fatal, damage. I’m sure everyone there would agree, it is an extremely worthwhile watch and encourages you to appreciate the joys of having fully functioning organs.

Please go and watch it – it will change your perspective and make you appreciate your own family and having a healthy body and mind.

Hannah Cameron (U6 IH)

About Starfish

Starfish is an upcoming 2016 British drama film written and directed by Bill Clark and will be on general release in cinemas from 28 October.

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