Swindon Academy Partnership

Swindon Academy pupils have been visiting Marlborough each Monday during the first half of term as part of a larger academic programme designed to enrich and inspire.

As part of the two-year course, Year 7 Grammar Stream pupils have been taught Latin by Mrs Dennis each Monday afternoon.

In addition to this, 12 Marlborough College Remove pupils have just completed another successful exchange.  The first day of this non-residential exchange took place at Swindon Academy, with our pupils shadowing their partners to lessons, followed by ten-pin bowling and pizzas.  The home leg followed the next day at Marlborough College.  By the end of this thought-provoking and challenging experience, pupils had made friends and gained some insight into the lives of young people from a very different background.

Sixteen Swindon Academy residential visits are planned for this academic year, and three have been completed successfully.  Two were PE based weekend trips for Year 9 boys and girls, and the other a mid-week Maths residential to boost the performance of under-achieving Year 11 girls.

Every Wednesday a group of Marlburians take part in a “Reading Buddies” activity at Swindon Academy.  This is an excellent example of our pupils benefiting from being given responsibility and mentoring experiences. The response of our pupils to this adult teaching assistant role is impressive, and the weekly interactions between pupils is transformative for all involved.  Many of the academy pupils are not given academic support at home, so the work of our pupils can have a powerful effect.

The numerous unsung volunteers who take part in our Monday and Wednesday Outreach Programme, organised by Mr Finlay, deserve a special mention.  These Marlburians contribute to an impressive range of approximately twenty community-based activities, including visiting elderly people, working with disabled children, and offering classroom support in local schools. By participating in these services activities our pupils are enriching their educational experience whilst giving valued support to the local community.
Colin Smith
Swindon Academy Coordinator

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