Armistice Day

On Armistice Day, the College community was able to stop to reflect on the human sacrifices of wars both near and long ago.

There was a two-minute silence which was held in the Norwood Hall. The silence was impeccably observed as the thoughts of all 937 pupils and many staff from every department paused to remember those men and women who were killed during the two World Wars and other subsequent conflicts.

“To see the whole school family gathered together on Armistice Day is always a very moving sight and in the light of the numerous losses it endured, a College like this invariably rises so well to such an occasion,” commented the College Chaplain, The Revd Dr David Campbell.

“This is a fitting occasion on which to recall to mind what those who lost their lives and those who were irrevocably changed by the scars of war endured. The events of those conflicts have served to form and mould the identity of a school like this. On this day of all days we are all acutely conscious of standing on the shoulders of these giants.”

749 members of the Marlborough community – pupils, beaks and staff – lost their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918. Click here to visit the College Archive website.

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