Wiltshire Panathlon Challenge

Earlier this week the college hosted the Swindon and Wiltshire Panathlon Challenge for the fifth time. This year the event was led by a selected group of 12 pupils who complete their outreach activity with Brimble Hill school in Swindon. 

The Panathlon challenge is a competitive multi-sport event for children and young adults with disabilities. There is a wide range of activities from power chair races to table cricket and Boccia. We started the day by welcoming pupils from Brimble Hill, Uplands and Lark Rise schools. With around 40 children and young adults attending the event. Leaders from Marlborough teamed up and tackled a sport in pairs, scoring and umpiring each game in the morning. After lunch we finished the day with athletics races and medal ceremonies.

Members of staff from Panathlon and Wiltshire sport were impressed by the pupils commenting that it was a fantastic day and it was a pleasure to watch the leaders run the competition. Our leaders from Marlborough college have now been invited to help out at the National Panathlon Area Final in Stoke Mandeville Stadium on Tuesday 28th February. This is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to be invited to and it is a true reflection of the quality of our twelve volunteers.

The pupils involved from Marlborough College:

Petra Bigham (MO)
Alyin Koc (NC)
Lottie Mayes (NC)
Lissy Thomas (NC)
Issy Mayes (MO)
Freddie Peppiatt (SU)

Lower Sixth:
Sam Nelson-Piercy (C2)
Chris Kirkwood (C3)
Carla Henderson (EL)

Upper Sixth:
Ella Bennett (IV)
Jake Hankinson (BH)
Harry MacColl (LI)

Nicole Allen

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