Silk Scarf Success Story

A pupil initiative has resulted in the production of a new ladies’ silk scarf, led by Phillip Springford (C3 U6) and designed by Talia Neat (IH Re).

The 100% silk scarf is the result of Phillip’s initiative and Talia’s artistry.  Phillip’s aim was to create a scarf to sell for the Bursaries Merchandise Collection based on pupil work.

Here is his story…

The idea came to me during a visit to see my family during the Easter of 2014. I was inspired produce a silk scarf, inspired by the College, to raise funds for the College bursaries. When term began I set up a competition for the Shell Art Scholars – challenging them to come up with a suitable design. Talia Neat, now in the Remove, came up with the winning design based on the Mound.

The design was then taken forward to production with the help of Mr Leonard in the Development Office – who helped transpose Talia’s painting onto a final CAD design image ready to be sent to the manufacturer. 

Overall this has been a hugely rewarding process and I have learnt a great deal. Talia and I hope these scarves are enjoyed by all and that it becomes a legacy that lives on. 

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