Review: Liederabend

“Music and poetry have a common domain, from which they draw inspiration and in which they operate: the landscape of the soul.  Together, they have the power to lend intellectual form to what is sensed and felt, to transmute both into a language that no other art can express.  The magic power that dwells in music and poetry has the ability ceaselessly to transform us.”  

So wrote the brilliant German baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.  The annual Liederabend perfectly encapsulates that statement in a festive collaboration between the Music and Modern Languages Departments, showcasing the music and poetry of a wonderful selection of French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian songs.  It’s also an intimate occasion:  the Adderley lends itself quite beautifully – a drawing room feel but with an encouraging acoustic – just the ticket for both performer and listener.  The contribution is immense.  Hidden inside the varied programme are the translators, the incredible accompanying from Miss Toomer, Music Scholars and non-scholars, TMV – as opposed to HMV – (work that one out … ), researchers – the list goes on, and all in pursuit of a very moving and rewarding experience.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that in all the music that takes place in this marvellous institution throughout the year, this is right up there with the best.

Congratulations then to all involved – most notably the performers, and with special praise to Tate Oliphant (MO Re), Francesca Coles (EL Sh), Darcey Goble (MM Re), Christopher Beswick (C1 L6), Jonathan Venn (C3 U6), Lucy Hudson (EL U6), Salome Northridge (IH L6) and Jordan Coles (SU U6) for particularly persuasive and captivating performances.  Altogether, a truly magical occasion and an excellent inter-departmental initiative.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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