New North Wiltshire MCC Hub

A new MCC Foundation Hub has recently opened at Marlborough College.

The Hub takes place in the Sports Hall on Wednesdays between 4.30 and 6pm led by Cricket Professional Mark Alleyne (formerly of Gloucestershire CCC & England) with the assistance of local Wiltshire coaches.

Participating schools include The John Bentley (Calne), The Ridgeway School (Wroughton), Swindon Academy and St John’s School (Marlborough).

The simple aim is to encourage greater participation of Cricket in local state schools and get youngsters involved and enjoying the game. We hope that they will benefit from the facilities and coaching available to them.

About the MCC Foundation Hubs 

In 1975, 70% of England Test cricketers playing in the Ashes Series were from state schools. In 2013, that figure had fallen to just 35%. The majority of top cricketers are increasingly drawn from independent schools, as a result of cricket not now being played in a majority of state schools. In 2011, the MCC Foundation initiated six pilot cricket ‘Hubs’ across the UK to identify talented athletes in state schools between the ages of 11-15 and provide them with professional coaching. There are now 41 MCC Foundation Cricket Hubs across the UK, which offer high-quality cricket coaching to talented children in the state school system, who have displayed the potential to become good cricketers. The Hubs are put together, funded and mentored by the MCC Foundation. The day-to-day running of each Hub is left to a local Hub Manager, who runs local trials to identify talented boys and girls and who oversees the coaching sessions.

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