Poetry Society: Lily Winter

On Tuesday night, the Poetry Society hosted the young singer/songwriter Lily Winter who both taught and entertained us.  

First she gave a workshop on the similarities and subtle differences between poems and song lyrics – and this was very much a personal view; then, in the Bradleian Theatre, she performed a set of her own songs to an appreciative audience.  Jim Crossland (C1 U6) writes:

Lily Winter’s pure, rhythmic voice complemented by the mellow sound of her guitar was the perfect half-hour get away from school life. I sensed a degree of reflection in the room and people’s minds being carried by her whimsical lyrics.  There was a comedy aspect, too, extremely prevalent in such lines as “London’s not big enough for the both of us”, a song depicting the idea of two people trying to avoid each other, and in the song proclaiming that she is “a thousand times better” than her boyfriend’s ex – “but that wouldn’t be hard”.  

After the gig we wandered up to Dr Ponsford’s flat and were spoiled as always by the delicious cooking of Mrs Ponsford. This was a time to meet and talk to Lily about her life and lyrics. Her warmth and grace clearly reflected her astounding music.

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