Review: Bach Cantata BWV 150

Evening Prayer on Sunday 5th March took a slightly different format, with members of the Chapel Choir singing one of Bach’s earliest cantatas, accompanied by a small instrumental ensemble. 

Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich (For you, Lord, I long) is an extended work in seven movements for soloists and choir, featuring a variety of music, from gentle and prayerful, to frantic and fearful, to hopeful and celebratory. The unifying themes of the text are that of penitence and a longing for Christ, entirely appropriate for Chapel on the First Sunday of Lent.

This is a challenging work, perhaps not immediately accessible for young singers. The Chapel Choir rose to the occasion and gave an absolutely magnificent performance, full of shape and subtlety, with a sense of deep understanding of the music and text. Bravo to them on this impressive achievement.

The Order of Service (with more information about the work and the liturgy) can be found here.
Alex Hodgkinson
Choirmaster & Academic Music Teacher
Twitter: @MCol_Music

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