The Chapel Webcasts

Over the course of this academic year, several recordings have been made of our Sunday Chapel services. We are proud to present some of the choir’s contributions, as part of the College’s ongoing mission and outreach, for the benefit and enjoyment of parents, OMs, friends of the College, and any other interested parties. 

These recordings are ‘as live’ and unedited, sung by teenagers on a Sunday morning; please forgive any coughs, sneezes, creaky pews, suspect ensemble, eyebrow-raising tuning, or plain old fashioned wrong notes! They are not presented as concerts or polished CD-like recordings, but as warts-and-all slices of our worship. Listeners are able to experience something of what it is like to be with the College community in Chapel on a Sunday morning.

For more information, please see the Music Lists.

The recordings can be found here. I very much hope you enjoy listening.

Alex Hodgkinson

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