20th College ERGO competition

The 20th College ERGO competition took place this week and it has been a record breaking year. The Girls’ Upper School record fell and C2 won the House Shield for a third time after 11 years off the top spot. 

Breagha Campbell (MM U6) smashed the Upper School girls’ record by 18.7 seconds with a time of 7:28.0 minutes for 2000m, after missing it narrowly last year. The time would have put her only just behind the senior GB Olympic Women’s Rowing squad and ranked her 18th in GB Open Women’s Indoor Rowing.

The four ERGOs were buzzing in the gym for the full 5.5 hours, over the specified two days, as a record 101 pupils competed. IH won a category for the first time, New Court came in top three Houses and Dancy entered five Shell.

Upper School (2000m)

Boys: H. Hentenaar (C2)
Girls: B. Campbell (MM)

Best L6 boy: M. Hart (C3)
Best L6 girl: L. Bracher (MO)

Lower School (Five minutes)

Boys: J. Gondzic (C2 Re)
Girls: H. Place (Hu NC)

Best Hundred boy: J. Fry (C2)
Best Remove girl: C. Bamforth (NC)
Best Shell boy: J. Dingley (C1)
Best Shell girl: A. Jones (IH)

House Competition

B1, BH, C1, C2, C3, DA, EL, IH, LI, MO, MM, NC, SU and TU all had pupils competing

However only C2, EL, IH, MO, MM, NC had sufficient in both Upper and Lower School for the required mixed age team of six. The average of the best six scores was taken with Upper School times being turned into five minutes distances (at least two pupils counting from each of Upper and Lower School. Girls’ distances are weighted by expectations at this age.

1st  – C2 (winning three categories) 1354m
2nd – MM   1339m
3rd – NC     1268m
4th – MO    1233m
5th – EL      1226m
6th – IH       1212m

Previous House winners: C1 (’15, ‘13, ’12, ’11, ’10, ’08, ’07, ’03, ’02), MM (’16, ’01, ’00, ’99, ’98), C2 (‘06, ’05), B1 (’14), C3 (‘09), MO (‘04).

Congratulations to all who took part; there is nothing fun about a 2k or five minute ERGO, pupils showed real grit, stamina and resilience.

Charlie Barclay
Event Organiser

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