Review: Dr Brian Marien

Mental health is such an important part of everyday life, affecting over one in four of us at some point. The Upper Sixth were lucky enough to have a talk on Mental health by Dr Marien, a qualified doctor and psychologist from Positive Group, and the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

It was particularly interesting to hear about the science and practice of many methods that can help mental health conditions and make them more bearable  – for example cognitive behavioral therapy which retrains the mind in a positive way and changes the affected person’s perspective.

Dr Marien stressed how all too often people talk about themselves in a negative manner, leading to negative performance and hence a vicious circle of difficult situations. Throughout the talk we were taught how to understand ourselves better, and how we should highlight positive things in order to feel happier and thus perform better.

The talk was rounded off with some tips on revision habits and the necessary mindset in order to be most effective. We also discussed Mindfulness, and how best to spend the breaks between revision periods in order to be able to return to the revision feeling positive and rejuvenated.

Overall, with exams just around the corner and then gruelling university degrees and demanding jobs, the talk was extremely valuable in preparing us for future stress and anxiety.

Bella Swadling (IH U6) and Anoushka Freeman (IH U6)

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