Marlborough College Concert Series: Craig Ogden

The fourth concert in the 2017/18 series was given by virtuoso guitarist, Craig Ogden. ‘Virtuoso’ is a big word, and often overused but in this case, entirely justified.

The precision with which Ogden plays is electrifying – in fact if you factor into that the balance, voicing, intonation, rubato and consummate command of the instrument one is left, quite simply, mesmerised. The cleanness of the playing is also worth noting, alongside dexterity and facility, allowing the listener to be drawn to the musical aspect without restriction.

The choice of programme was also perfectly presented: a pleasing blend of Bach, a splash of Dowland, the inevitable (but utterly refreshing) Spanish influences and some bucking Broncos to spice it up still further. Ogden is also a fine communicator. Expert and intriguing verbal introductions puncture the performance offering a fascinating insight into the complex world of the guitar. Hardly surprising, then, that the packed Ellis Theatre thoroughly enjoyed this intimate yet varied recital, which offered so much in a musical, technical and truly virtuosic capacity.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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