The Girlness Project

On Sunday 4th February, Pippa Richardson, Yoga Teacher & Founder of ‘the girlness project’ visited Morris House at Marlborough College to lead a workshop on ‘Creating Happy Habits: Journaling, Gratitude & Self-Compassion’.

The workshop asked the questions ‘what is happiness?’ and ‘why is it important?’. We uncovered habits that don’t serve our happiness or wellbeing and looked at how we can rewire our internal conditions to support a happy disposition. We used journaling as a reflective tool to help us positively direct our thoughts and also explored gratitude writing and self-compassion exercises – scientifically proven to improve our wellbeing and outlook on life. The girls enthusiastically engaged in group discussion and individual exercises as well as a simple yoga and meditation practice that was themed around compassion. Our aim was for the girls to take their learning out of the classroom and incorporate new happy habits into their daily lives.

The workshop was attended by Shell & Remove and was part of a three-part series of wellbeing workshops at Morris House. Our other workshops with Hundreds, Lower & Upper Sixth looked at the relationship between social media and body image and how this informs the way we think and feel about ourselves and others.

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