Review: Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral

I’ve been to St Paul’s Cathedral a few times, in fact I’ve performed there too which gives me an advantage in writing a meaningful review.  I vowed I would never mention myself in a review but in this context it helps to emphasise the enormity of what Choirmaster Adam Staines and his team achieved in singing Evensong at St Paul’s tonight.

St Paul’s: it’s vast, it’s spectacular, and it’s had a Cathedral on the site since 604 AD.  Every time I go I stand in awe at the infrastructure, the detail, the acoustic – the overwhelming sense of something beyond ‘the every day’.  I’m 50 years old.  Imagine, then, the impact on a young Marlburian to have the experience and privilege of singing Evensong – perhaps the most soothing and inspirational moment in the Christian week – in such a place. I doubt they’ll ever forget it and in the end, that’s actually what a great education is all about: an experience for life.

The fact that, in such lofty circumstance and in front of such a large congregation, both in the Nave and beyond at High Altar, the choir excelled is a testament to their courage, quality and continued development as a group which exudes class, discipline and talent under Mr Staines.  In short, it’s a joy.  So much to cherish, relish and absorb.  How lucky we are.  Thank you one and all.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director


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