Music Technology

There are over 20 MIDI/Audio Computer Workstations in the Hony Centre running Cubase SL, Reason and Sibelius 3.  All computers are loaded with MIDI and audio plug-ins, software and hardware instruments, effects and editing tools.  The Music Department maintains its own network, MusicNet, which allows pupils the flexibility to work from any machine.

In addition, the Music Technology classroom contains a 24 track digital recording studio with a 72 channel, fully automated digital mixing desk.  In addition to a substantial rack of outboard equipment, the mixer incorporates the latest audio effects, editing and mastering plug-ins. 

This studio is linked to many other rooms in the Hony Centre by video, analogue tie-lines and a fibre-optic Digital Audio Network.  Thus performances in the Ellis Theatre or Goodison Hall can be patched straight through to the studio with minimal fuss.  A Soundfield MkV microphone has recently been installed in the Ellis Theatre to give pupils the opportunity to make live ambient recordings to professional standards.