'An Invitation to Explore'

Marlborough College aims to maintain and enhance its reputation as one of the world's leading coeducational, full boarding Schools. Founded in 1843, Marlborough continues to build on its history of innovation in education, enriching the lives and extending the horizons of pupils in a rapidly changing world whilst continuing to uphold its core values and the best of its traditions.

We believe that true education can be built upon a triple foundation of compassion, companionship and conversation. Through these, pupils are encouraged to explore their talents, potential and aspirations.

Intellectual Exploration

Marlborough College aims:

  • to recognise and celebrate pupils' unique gifts and personality by encouraging the exploration of intellectual, creative and human potential;
  • to inspire in pupils a life-long love of learning, encouraging the pursuit of individual excellence and intellectual adventure, both within the taught curriculum and via a rich co-curricular offering, and
  • to promote aspiration to further education at the best universities in the world.

Personal Exploration

Marlborough College aims:

  • to encourage pupils to become self-confident, self-reliant and self-aware individuals, able to engage with debate and discussion;
  • to nourish creative, cultural and sporting talents through the provision and maintenance of excellent facilities and a wide-ranging co-curricular programme, and
  • to enable pupils to embrace and manage change, build strong and lasting relationships through shared endeavour and enjoy fulfilling and productive lives.

Spiritual Exploration

Marlborough College aims:

  • to develop pupils' spiritual understanding and vocabulary, informed by the Anglican faith and personal spiritual exploration, enabling them to develop core moral and ethical values;
  • to make pupils sensitive to the needs of others and to appreciate the importance of service and generosity of spirit, and
  • to promote an ethos in which diversity and difference are respected and celebrated and in which personal integrity is valued.

Global Exploration

Marlborough College aims:

  • to develop pupils' leadership, thinking and communication skills enabling them to become confident global citizens;
  • to promote an awareness of, and social responsibility towards, communities beyond the confines of the College and an awareness of environmental stewardship, and
  • to encourage international dialogue, exchange and cooperation.

Marlborough College is committed to recruiting and developing the highest calibre staff and investing in facilities and resources that ensure it can achieve its Academic, Pastoral and Co-Curricular Aims and strengthen its excellent international reputation.