Pupils can be involved in the production of a number of College publications. Some of these are aimed primarily at an internal readership whilst others are circulated more widely in the public domain.

The Marlburian

The Marlburian is the College's most prestigious magazine and is intended for pupils, parents, prospective parents and those who have a particular interest in the College. The magazine also has an important role as an archive document.

It is published in the Autumn each year and takes account of the College's activities in the preceding academic year as well as providing features on issues or topics of more general interest to its readers.

The magazine has a long-standing tradition at the College having an almost uninterrupted run since its inception shortly after the founding of the College, although during that time it has passed through various evolutions in terms of its role and appearance.

The Marlburian 2015/16

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The Marlburian 2011/12

The Marlburian 2010/11

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Marlborough Together

The latest issues of the Marlborough Together newsletter, aimed at the wider Marlborough community, are available here: